WP 7 Management

Project Leader: Ekrem Misimi, SINTEF Ocean (SO)
Participating partners SO, Management team, all partners

Objective: To ensure an efficient running of the activities in the iProcess project and exploitation
of results in compliance with the established objectives.

Description: This WP will deal with the overall project management. Activities include organizing
meetings and distributing information to all partners supported by Røe Communication.

T7.1 General Assembly (GA), advisory board and leading Management committee (MC):
Coordination of the project and support to the administrative and advisory bodies of the project.

T7.2 Financial management: Preparation of financial reports and contractual agreements between
partners and sub-contractors, organizing the distribution of funding.

T7.3 Coordination of R&D, education, communication and innovation activities: Ensuring that project activities and progress
are in line with objectives and milestones by organizing, in cooperation with WP leaders and
industry partners, excursions and industrial working days (scientists/research teams are working out
in the industry).

T7.4 Proof-of-concept: demonstration and visualization of developed concepts in
organized workshops for the iProcess consortium.

T7.5: Exploitation of results: Non-commercial
exploitation will be achieved through publications in peer-reviewed national and international
scientific journals. Commercial exploitation will be considered and patents may be filled if
considered relevant.

M7.1: Contractual agreements with project partners and
Norwegian Research Council (NRC) signed (Q2).

M7.2: Kick-off meeting (Q2).

M7.3: Annual general assembly meetings – conducted in association with workshops or relevant international
conferences (Q2, Q6, Q10, Q14).

M7.4: Project meetings with the MC will be conducted in February and October each year, in association with iProcess day/ project meetings or relevant national or international conferences (Q2, Q4, Q8, Q10, Q14, Q16).

M7.5: Progress report and final report to the NRC will be delivered by their guidelines and contracts (Q4, Q5, Q8, Q9, Q12, Q14, Q16, Q17).

D7.1: Signed contractual agreements between all partners and NRC.
D7.2: Contractual reports defined by NRC.