WP 6 Dissemination and Communication

Work Package leader / Responsible partner: SFA and Røe Kommunikasjon

Participating partners: Røe Kommunikasjon, TYD, SFA, All partners
Objective: To inspire and engage the relevant industry representatives and society at large through
the dissemination and communication of the new competence, knowledge and results developed
within iProcess, and promote their future development and use.


T6.1: Communication and dissemination strategy – WP6 activities will start in month 1
by establishing a Plan for dissemination and communication where several aspects will be defined:
target messages and relevant audience, operative elements of promotion, valorization of results and
awareness-raising with their timing, responsible partner, budget and ,last but not least important,
performance indicators.

T6.2: iProcess Internet portal – The main interface between the project
and targeted user groups, the iProcess website, represents the gateway between existing knowledge,
project results and stakeholders and is an important dissemination route for continued impact of
project outcomes. The outputs of the scientific WPs will be translated into a series of professionally
branded designed dissemination materials of which soft copies will be added on the website (e.g.
flyers, scientific posters, bi-annual e-newsletters). Beyond the scientific community, other target
audiences (public, policy makers and relevant industrial clusters) will be addressed through
traditional and “new” social media.

T6.3: Annual Open iProcess-day: At the end of each project
year, workshops, in the form of discussion roundtables, will be arranged in connection with project
meetings, scientific conferences or other professional events, involving all research and industrial
partners. In the last project year, an international conference will be organized for different groups
of audience. Scientific matchmaking sessions will be organized during the conference to allow
partners and audience to discover further research opportunities.

T6.4: Scientific dissemination:
Around 10 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals are planned over the project period. To lay
the grounds for future scientific innovations and career development, high quality training of young
researchers (1 PhD, 3-4 MSc, 1 Post-doc) will be facilitated through fellowship grants supervised
by the academic partners (see relevant research tasks).

T6.5: Audio-visual communications: In
collaboration with a media team, short and informative videos will be produced to present the R&D
results and partners to a wider audience. The activities within participating companies will be used
as “Living labs” and serve as basis for the videos which will also be visible on the iProcess portal.

M6.1: Plan for dissemination and communication established (Q1).
M6.1: iProcess internet portal online (Q1).
M6.3: Dissemination and communication activities completed (Q16).
D6.1:1st version of the Plan for dissemination and communication
D6.2: Internet portal
D6.3: Mid-term report on dissemination achievements and impact
D6.4: Audio-visual communications
D6.5: Final version of the Plan for dissemination and communication.