WP 4 Information Management

Work Package Leader/Responsible partner: Dr. Maitri Thakur, SINTEF Ocean (SO)
Participating partners SFA, Nofima, NTNU, HRAFN, Industry

Objective: Development of information flow management strategies to maximize the resource
efficiency of the Norwegian food processing industry.

T4.1 Process Mapping and data identification: Using an event-based approach, a process
mapping will be conducted in order to identify the characteristics and challenges related to material
and information flow and to identify what and were data needs to be captured and exchanged.
Interdependencies between the raw material supplier and processor will also be analyzed. T4.2
Data capture technologies: Effective data capture and information exchange is crucial for efficient
and sustainable process improvement. Data capture solutions based on the latest technology (RFID,
NFC, Bluetooth sensors) will be evaluated to capture the product (quality, temperature) and process
data into an integrated framework.

T4.3 Information management and exchange strategies:
Strategies and frameworks to decide what, when and how to exchange information and management
principles between the raw material supplier and processor will be developed. This will be based on
the international standards to improve the interoperability between the supply chain actors.

Impact on Production Planning: Models and measures for impact assessment of the information
management solutions (developed in T4.3) on the production planning and control strategies for the
food processor will be developed. Improvement in resource efficiency will be analyzed using
specific scenarios based on the implementation of the information management solutions.

Interrelation with other WPs: Results from WP2 and WP3 will be used to develop the information model in this WP. Close interrelation with WP5 especially related to T4.4.

M4.1: Process mapping completed (Q4).
M4.2: Specifications for data capture developed (Q8).
M4.3: Specifications for information management developed (Q10)
M4.4: Data for evaluation of production planning collected (Q12).

D4.1: Report on process mapping and supply
chain interdependencies.
D4.2: Report on data capture technologies.
D4.3: Report on information management solutions D4.4: Report on impact of information management on production planning.
D4.5: 2 submitted journal manuscripts.
D4.6: 1 MSc thesis.