WP 1 Selection of cases, analysis of raw material

Work Package Leader Harry Westavik, SINTEF Ocean (SO)

Participating partners All RTD Partners, All Industry partners

To map and identify industrial needs/challenges that should be overcome in order to increase the sustainability and profitability of the food processing industry; To ensure active participation of food processing industry. WP1 should be seen as basis for all WPs.


T1.1 Selection and definition of industrial cases Together with the food processing industry a number of most relevant cases with highest research level will be defined. One relevant case for each participating industry will be selected. The selection of cases will be based on the level of needed research and feasibility.

T1.2 Raw material characterization: Geometrical and mechanical analysis and characterization of raw material from engineering point of view for the selected cases. This will provide guidelines for suitable design of flexible concepts/methods dealing with non-rigid, fragile, and limp raw material such as seafood, chicken meat, fruits and dairy products.

T1.3 Usability: Evaluation of selected cases in their representative environment to ensure user friendliness based on operator perspective, intuitiveness and ease of use.


M1.1:Research cases defined (Q2).

M1.2: Characterization of raw material completed (Q4).

M1.3: Analysis of usability of concepts completed (Q12).


D1.1: Report on most relevant cases.

D.1.2 Report on characterization of raw materials.

D1.3 Report on usability studies.