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Welcome to iProcess Kickoff meeting!

– I am very happy to wish everyone welcome to this kickoff meeting for the  iProcess project, says Dr. Marit Aursand, project coordinator.

The iProcess kickoff meeting takes place in Trondheim April 26-27. Research and industry partners will meet and greet at the Britannia Hotel.

iProcess gruppebilde 1– It is our intension to make the iProcess project of great importance for both Norwegian and international food industry, including both green and blue sector. For the project to succeed, we need to be able to share our findings with each other, and the rest of the world, in an efficient manner. Let us make this meeting a solid foundation for efficient information management between research groups and the industry, as well as dissemination and communications amongst each other as well as the world out there, Dr. Aursand.

Needless to say, the kickoff meeting will consist not only of socializing and getting to know each other and project participants.
– On day two, every work package groups will be planning research and development activities, Dr. Aursand explains

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