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– iProcess will change the food processing industry

After the iProcess Kickoff, both industrial partners and researchers should know what to expect from one another, according to Dr. Marit Aursand. Expect a change - the iProcess course is set. - The iProcess Kickoff in Trondheim was a very constructive two days, says project manager Dr. Marit Aursand of Sintef Fisheries and Aquaculture. - Yes, we

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– iProcess is a groundbreaking project

- If you can find a common core technology. In Dr. Odd Myklebust`s view –what will make iProcess succeed? In the not so distant future, all production will be characterized by greater flexibility and customization, Dr. Odd Myklebust of Sintef and NTNU, expert in innovation management, told the participants at the iProcess Kick off meeting,

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Welcome to iProcess Kickoff meeting!

- I am very happy to wish everyone welcome to this kickoff meeting for the  iProcess project, says Dr. Marit Aursand, project coordinator. The iProcess kickoff meeting takes place in Trondheim April 26-27. Research and industry partners will meet and greet at the Britannia Hotel. - It is our intension to make the iProcess project

The what, where and whens of the iProcess Kickoff:

Agenda iProcess Kickoff meeting Trondheim April 26-27 When: Day 1, Tuesday April 26th Where: Britannia Hotel, Dronningens gate 5 What: 10:00 - 11:00 Meeting - Project Administration (PA) and Management Committee (MC), advisory board 10:30 - 11:00 Registration 11:00 - 11:10 Welcome and agenda, Dr. Marit Aursand 11:10 - 12:00 Short presentation of all participants,