Raman spectroscopy for estimation of residual bone minerals in mechanically deboned chicken meat

Residual bone, measured as %calcium or %ash, is a strictly controlled quality parameter of mechanically deboned chicken meat (MDCM). Raman spectroscopy was developed as a rapid tool for estimation of this important parameter.  Mechanical deboning is a process where protein-reach mince is optimally recovered from animal carcasses. This process typically involves grinding of carcasses to

Porosity maps give an ‘airy’ image of fruit and vegetables

See the internal structure of your product through 3D X-ray based porosity mapping.   The porosity of a fruit or vegetable quantifies the amount of air spaces inside the product. The porosity strongly determines to what extent and how it dries out, or how well the product responses to modified or controlled atmopshere conditions.   A horticultural product transports

Managing supply uncertainty in operational production planning – A whitefish case study

Managing supply uncertainty by a formal stochastic programming approach demonstrates how expected profit may be increased due to more robust production plans.   Production planning Operational production planning deals with establishing optimal production plans. A production plan determines which production lines to utilize, which products to produce and allocation of resources such as personnel and machines.