Case studies

A central task is to understand variations based on use of Big Data from novel rapid and on-line measuring methods for raw materials and product differentiation. TINE has expressed need for measuring different quality parameters of milk used for cheese productions, different parameters in cheese making processes and quality parameters in both fresh and ripen

iProcess – The green shift in food industry

Artificial Eye, brain and hands: Research towards developing new solutions based on "artificial eye, brain and hand" is expected to be a next generation technology that will bring the Norwegian seafood, food and aquaculture industry closer to the consumer and contribute to the circular bioeconomy. In order to achieve the goals for a more sustainable

Robot grasping

One of the greatest challenges in robotics today is the contact processing of a robot with an object and dexterous handling of compliant objects. This is particularly emphasised when it comes to dealing with handling and grasping in harvesting, post harvesting and processing operations of fragile and compliant food raw materials. The food industry is