WP 7 Management

Project Leader: Ekrem Misimi, SINTEF Ocean (SO) Participating partners SO, Management team, all partners Objective: To ensure an efficient running of the activities in the iProcess project and exploitation of results in compliance with the established objectives. Description: This WP will deal with the overall project management. Activities include organizing meetings and distributing information to all partners

WP 6 Dissemination and Communication

Work Package leader / Responsible partner: SFA and Røe Kommunikasjon Participating partners: Røe Kommunikasjon, TYD, SFA, All partners Objective: To inspire and engage the relevant industry representatives and society at large through the dissemination and communication of the new competence, knowledge and results developed within iProcess, and promote their future development and use. Tasks: T6.1:

WP 5 Value chain strategies and business models

Work Package Leader/Responsible partner Dr. Ragnar Tveterås, Centre for Innovation Research, UiS-IRIS Participating partners All partners Objective: Develop strategies for successful innovation processes and profitable full-scale commercialization of the novel flexible processing technologies at the value chain and firm level, including public measures, and analyze socio-economic/ environmental effects of such technologies. Tasks: T5.1 Influences of

WP 4 Information Management

Work Package Leader/Responsible partner: Dr. Maitri Thakur, SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture (SFA) Participating partners SFA, Nofima, NTNU, HRAFN, Industry Objective: Development of information flow management strategies to maximize the resource efficiency of the Norwegian food processing industry. Tasks: T4.1 Process Mapping and data identification: Using an event-based approach, a process mapping will be conducted in

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Welcome to iProcess Kickoff meeting!

- I am very happy to wish everyone welcome to this kickoff meeting for the  iProcess project, says Dr. Marit Aursand, project coordinator. The iProcess kickoff meeting takes place in Trondheim April 26-27. Research and industry partners will meet and greet at the Britannia Hotel. - It is our intension to make the iProcess project

The what, where and whens of the iProcess Kickoff:

Agenda iProcess Kickoff meeting Trondheim April 26-27 When: Day 1, Tuesday April 26th Where: Britannia Hotel, Dronningens gate 5 What: 10:00 - 11:00 Meeting - Project Administration (PA) and Management Committee (MC), advisory board 10:30 - 11:00 Registration 11:00 - 11:10 Welcome and agenda, Dr. Marit Aursand 11:10 - 12:00 Short presentation of all participants,

WP 3 Flexible Processing Automation

Work Package Leader Dr. Ekrem Misimi, SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture (SFA) Participating partners SFA, NMBU, SRM, KU Leuven, INRIA, Dynatec, Food Processing Industry partners Objective: To develop innovative processing concepts that are: a) flexible to cope with small production volume series; adaptive to biological variation of raw material; b) flexible to cope with market demand fluctuations and production

WP 2 Optimal process control and raw material differentiation

Work Package Leader: Dr. Jens Petter Wold, Nofima Participating partners: Nofima, SFA, DTU, Prediktor, Industry partners Objective: Development of optimal process control concepts involving novel rapid and on-line methods based on spectroscopy/machine vision and interpretation of large process data based on Big Data to ensure a) the right and timely differentiation of raw material; b) desired quality of thefinal

WP 1 Selection of cases, analysis of raw material

Work Package Leader Harry Westavik, SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture (SFA) Participating partners All RTD Partners, All Industry partners Objective: To map and identify industrial needs/challenges that should be overcome in order to increase the sustainability and profitability of the food processing industry; To ensure active participation of food processing industry. WP1 should be seen as basis for