iProcess aims to change the food industry. See our Newsletter

iProcess Newsletter June 2017 The food industry in Norway prioritizes flexible robotic automation as means to be able to cope with the high biological variation in food raw material and to maximize the raw material

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– iProcess will change the food processing industry

After the iProcess Kickoff, both industrial partners and researchers should know what to expect from one another, according to Dr. Marit Aursand. Expect a change - the iProcess course is set. - The iProcess Kickoff

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– iProcess is a groundbreaking project

- If you can find a common core technology. In Dr. Odd Myklebust`s view –what will make iProcess succeed? In the not so distant future, all production will be characterized by greater flexibility and customization,

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Welcome to iProcess Kickoff meeting!

- I am very happy to wish everyone welcome to this kickoff meeting for the  iProcess project, says Dr. Marit Aursand, project coordinator. The iProcess kickoff meeting takes place in Trondheim April 26-27. Research and

The what, where and whens of the iProcess Kickoff:

Agenda iProcess Kickoff meeting Trondheim April 26-27 When: Day 1, Tuesday April 26th Where: Britannia Hotel, Dronningens gate 5 What: 10:00 - 11:00 Meeting - Project Administration (PA) and Management Committee (MC), advisory board 10:30

2504, 2016

WP 7 Management

Project Leader: Dr. Marit Aursand, SINTEF Ocean (SO) Participating partners SO, Management

2504, 2016

WP 6 Dissemination and Communication

Work Package leader / Responsible partner: SFA and Røe Kommunikasjon

2504, 2016

WP 5 Value chain strategies and business models

Work Package Leader/Responsible partner Dr. Ragnar Tveterås, Centre for Innovation

2504, 2016

WP 4 Information Management

Work Package Leader/Responsible partner: Dr. Maitri Thakur, SINTEF Fisheries and

2104, 2016

WP 3 Flexible Processing Automation

Work Package Leader Dr. Ekrem Misimi, SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture

2104, 2016

WP 2 Optimal process control and raw material differentiation

Work Package Leader: Dr. Jens Petter Wold, Nofima Participating partners: Nofima, SFA,

2104, 2016

WP 1 Selection of cases, analysis of raw material

Work Package Leader Harry Westavik, SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture (SFA)

About us 

iProcess’s main objective is to develop novel concepts and methods for flexible and sustainable food processing in Norway – that are to cope with small volume series and high biologicalvariation of the existing raw materials – to enable increased raw material utilization for food
products and to increase profitability.